Last year was tough, I started a new job and walked into what seems like the head quarters of office politics. I don’t do well with office politics, I can be a recluse at times but with the new job I calmed down and tried to just get into the way the company works… It didn’t really work though.

Through time colleagues had started commenting on my appearance, mostly that I had a lot of spots on my face. It was depressing to have these comments made, it was worse that I over heard them as they weren’t actually directed at me.

In the end I nearly quit because of the politics and bitchy comments, but luckily I had a couple of weeks vacation and decided that I would think things over, calm down, relax and see how I felt when I was back in the office. During the vacation I exercised, got myself on a healthy diet (summer vacation needs a good looking body after all) and went to the doctors office about the acne problem. My doctor couldn’t really do a huge amount about the acne as although it was bad it was’t excessive and just needed some looking after – so he said anyway.

Fast forward to when I started back to work, and the recluse side of me came out to play. I was a lot harder with people and made sure people knew exactly what I was feeling, how angry, upset and even how I wanted the office to work. Over time the office adapted into a friendlier place, there was less bitchy comments and chats and my colleagues respected my decisions. Not to mention I was losing weight and the acne was starting to clear up. So my message to all of you reading, don’t give up, don’t change who you are at work, make sure people know exactly what you are all about and always try your best. Things will get better.

As for my diet I have lost 20lbs with just cutting back junk food and exercising a few times a week. I have actually started following a good weight loss exercise program.

The acne, well that was a hard one. With the doctor telling my spots were bad but not too bad meant I had to really look for a good face wash but I had already tried every acne treatment known to man that was available over the counter. I employed the help of forums, facebook and even some review websites in order to find the best acne treatment for me. In the end I started with Exposed Skin Care, it was a great decision because all of my older spots that kept coming back have now dried out and healing nicely. Acne doesn’t seem to be a problem with my face any more, although I will got a couple of very small ones every so often but they aren’t something anyone but I can see – the results have been great.